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Alcoholics Anonymous

Only you can decide whether alcohol may be affecting your life in a negative way. Countless studies have established that alcohol doesn't agree with everyone. It is also true that not everyone should drink alcoholic beverages or consume alcohol in any form whatsoever. In other words, there are some people who will have a happier and more fulfilling and productive life if they don't drink alcoholic beverages or consume alcohol in any form.

Some researchers believe that a segment of the population will have an abnormal reaction to alcohol. This abnormal reaction to alcohol may occur immediately or may occur after many years or even decades of drinking. Although some researchers believe that this abnormal reaction may run in families and have a genetic component, other researchers believe that it is purely the product of learned behavior. Still other researchers believe that the abnormal reaction to alcohol experienced by this large number of men and women is more complicated and more difficult to explain.

However, like an allergy to a food or other substance, the reason for the allergy is less important than the solution. If a person was allergic to shellfish, a physician would recommend that they not eat shellfish. It is not as important for the person to know why they are allegic to shellfish as it is for them to know that they cannot safely eat shellfish.

In the same way, if a person was allergic to lawn grass, a physician would recommend that they avoid coming into contact with grass. Again, it is not as important for the person to know why they are allergic to lawn grass as it is for them to know that they cannot safely come into contact with lawn grass.

The abnormal reaction to alcohol that a large number of the population has is that they experience problems after drinking. These problems may range from missing important life activities (such as work, school or exercise) to meeting police officers, sheriff's deputies or highway patrol officers after drinking alcoholic beverages.

The challenge most members of the population face who believe they may have a problem with alcohol is that alcohol is present at many social functions and can relieve some feelings of discomfort. Some people who drink at celebrations may be drinking to take the edge off of feeling too high, while many of these same people will drink when sad to take the edge off of feeling too low. Still others may drink with others to experience that sense of comraderie with fellow students, teammates, or coworkers.

Alcohol is present at many social functions and can be a part of some social interaction or a large part of social interactions in some groups. For this reason, support groups have emerged where the members of the group socialize without drinking. Members of these groups support others who have discovered that alcohol may be affecting their life in a negative way who seek support in their effort not to drink alcoholic beverages. On such group is Alcoholics Anonymous.

Regularly "feeling" like taking a drink may be another way of a person saying they don't want to experience the feeling on not taking that drink. Only you can know whether alcohol is affecting your life negatively. If, however, you have been arrested for driving under the influence or other alcohol related incidents, it is an indication of such a possibility.

The resources listed below are included here for reference. The court may order a person arrested for driving under the influence to attend Alcoholics Anymous meetings as a condition of pretrial release or as a sentence for a DUI conviction. It is important to document your attendance by having the individual presiding over any meeting or session sign, indicating date and location of the meeting.

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