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DUI Glossary

This California DUI Glossary defines many terms related to driving under the influence and California DUI law. The reader can search for the DUI phrase in the alphabetical listing. The information related to DUI terms and phrases is continually updated, so visit us often for the latest in drunk driving and driving under the influence news.

This glossary of DUI terms is intended to be used by lay and professional people. You may learn the difference between the chemical tests used for measuring breath alcohol or blood alcohol level, such as breathalyzers, preliminary breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests. I believe it is important for those accused of driving under the influence to gain an understanding of DUI terms like drivers license suspension, Per se law, sentencing, and DUI Penalties in order to better understand your case and in order to evaluate what you are being told by an attorney you are considering hiring or one who presently represents you. Get answers to your DUI quesions in the San Francisco DUI Defense DUI Glossary today!

All California DUI Terms

  • Absorption Rate
  • Acetone
  • Administrative License Suspension
  • Administrative Per Se (APS) Action
  • Aggravating Factors
  • Alcohol Concentration
  • Alcohol Education Program
  • Alcohol Equivalent
  • Alcohol Gaze Nystagmus
  • Arraignmnet
  • Attorney General
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration

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If you hire the Law Office of Robert Tayac, you will know that you have retained the services of the most knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense team.